Hello April


April may be looking a little… or a lot… different than we thought it would when we imagined the Spring at the start of the year. Nonetheless, it is here and we are so happy it is! First of all, we would like to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has placed orders with us during this time! We cannot say enough how much your business means to us and has always meant to us. But now, in this uncertain time – more than ever do we appreciate all the times we have had together and do we look forward to the times ahead.

Our plan was to be announcing our Spring re-opening for April 17 – however, in light of all that is happening around us we feel, that for the time being, continuing to offer curb-side pickup and delivery for you all, is the best option.

And, although we would LOVE to be welcoming you all back on to our patio this Spring, for the foreseeable future, we’d like to offer a way for you to bring our patio to you!

If you’ve ever come to hang out with us here at the farm, you know that one thing we pride ourselves on is making you feel at home with good wine, good local snacks. And, good local music. So how can we bring this down roots Norfolkin’ around vibe to your patio this spring? Here’s a few simple steps:

Step one:

Grab a bottle of our FEATURE OF THE MONTH!

FOTM: Pinot Gris ( Delish. Fresh soft citrus notes with floral hints and a buttery finish. The Complete essence of Spring ) And… only $15.95

Served chilled, this light off dry white pairs so lovely with all of our traditional spring meals we’ve got planned for the weeks and months ahead. BUT as you know, one of our favourite things to pair any and all of our wine with is our Chacoot – yeah that’s how we’re saying it.

Step Two:

Building the perfect Chacoot board for your VN patio

  • SHOP LOCAL our chacoot boards have always been a beautiful array of whatever local cheeses, meats, dips, and veggies we’ve grabbed from the local farmer’s markets we’ve been selling our wine at! And, although things have changed many local shops are still open!!!

  • Cheese

  • Meat

  • Veggies

  • Fruit slices

  • Preserves

  • Crackers

  • Dip/salsa

  • Whatever is left at the back of your cupboard or back of your fridge that you can assemble on a pretty board or plate!!

Step Three:

Invite…no one.. I think there’s a law against it now or something… so Set up a time for Facetime / vidchat with your favourites… or tell the people in your house, the ones you’re still talking to… OR if the isolation thing is working for you ( let’s face it) Some alone time with wine is just fine. ( in our opinion)

Step Four:

Look up local music online!

Many local artists aren’t going to be able to book summer shows and tours this year (or at least not yet) but we can still show them lots of support by following them social media, looking up their music on YouTube or Spotify.

Step Five:

Take it all in. Lately life may have seemed a little… crazier than normal..

But Self-care and fun is still to be had! In fact – it is NEEDED! So sit back, have a snack, raise a glass, and have a moment of peace with us!


Many of the local markets ( or at least their vendors) are offering curbside pickups, deliveries, etc. so check them out on their websites and social media platforms to find out how you can still stay local!

Don’t forget that you can order our wine by the bottle… or by the case ( we offer one bottle for free when you purchase a case) by calling us directly @ vnefv@brant.net – calling us directly at 1519 443 8787b – or DMing us on Facebook or Instagram!

Our lovely Ladies from Ride the Bine ( Norfolk) And, Buzz Tour co. ( KDUB region) are slowed right now but are always posting amazing content on their social media - so go follow them! Also, consider purchasing a Gift Certificate from them for future use / something to look forward to!!

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