October at the Winery

Feature of the Month: Pinot Noir

Our Pinot offers warming earthy notes with ripe fruits, cherries, and a beefy structure.

The perfect ‘Eating & Drinking’ wine, making it perfect for the month of October. Moving elegantly from the coffee table as you turn the page in your book -to- the Thanksgiving table -to- a pairing with your favourite Halloween chocolates.

October Events:

Seasons Change

Come enjoy a glass on the patio this month and enjoy the changing valley.

Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show

Oct 8 - 14

Cider Sundays this Autumn w/ Ride the Bine

Indulge in Ontario’s Gardens’ Orchards with Cider Sundays exhibiting Norfolk’s Hard Cider makers! Book your tour now!

Upcoming Event:

Backroad’s Artisan Tour

November 16th and 17th

Markets this Month

Brantford Fridays and Saturdays

Cambridge Oct 5th and 26th

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