Drinks you are sure to FALL in love with this season!

Fall: A time of togetherness and thankfulness. Tradition and change.

This is the beginning of bundling up, savoury food, and although a chill in the air; it is a time of warmth. Blankets, fires, apples and of course, the harvest of our grapes!

Here at Villa Nova Estate Winery we have the perfect pairing for all of your Fall activities and gatherings! Right now we have many delights available including our original Hard Apple and Impeared Saucy Cider. Both are excellent for cool patio sipping and entertaining, with flavours that scream Fall! We have our Vidal and our Riesling available for whites, wonderful compliments to your festive appetizers as well as the main course.

The Heist, our medium-bodied red is still in stock, our full-bodied red, Anegima is being bottled now, with the hope that it should be ready within the first weeks of October. Reds are a fall favourite. (Or, let’s be honest, an anytime favourite.) However, what we would especially like to suggest for this season is a focus on our fruit wines!

Our Cerise is subtle, smooth and pairs deliciously with chocolate, making a decadent dessert compliment. And, our Sweet Apple dessert wine will surely have you falling in love! While sweet and crisp enough to skip the pie completely, who would suggest that? It also creates a luxurious indulgence when served over vanilla ice cream, but it is versatile enough to be served as a sipper with your favourite sharp cheddar.

What better than wine and cider to bring people together and warm up! This Fall we are proud to be participating in Cider Sundays with Ride the Bine! Contact the lovely ladies of Norfolk’s first wine, cider and beer tour to secure your spot on one of these amazing excursions! Norfolk has so much to offer for your perfect fall outings! If you have not tried some of our selected products please stop by and visit us, we would be happy to help you find the perfect pairing for all of your fall moments. For price inquiries please check out our wine list and Saucy Cider pages on our website. We would like to take a moment to thank all of our customers for including us in your traditions as well as to welcome new customers as you change things up this season!

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