Peach & Cherry Wines, Peach Cider for Christmas

Peach Wine (12.95) is finally back on the shelf, and it is great! Cherry wine or “Cerise” (12.95) and Peach Cider (9.95) are selling well. They are both 2s on the sweetness scale and nicely balanced. All three of these products went through the tasting panel at LCBO that approves VQA wines. They are designated as “Quality Certified”, having passed this panel.

There’s lots more wines to make your Christmas cheer. Our Norfolk Rose, Pinot Noir or Mystery White would be great accompaniments for the turkey. We have some lower alcohol beverages (cider @ 6%, Strawberry Sangria – Rose + strawberries & ginger ale, or Mulled Wine – warmed, spiced red wine) that are good party fits. Our fruit wines are great with Christmas deserts: Cerise with chocolate, peach wine with apple pie, or Nectar straight up.

We are open every day in December 11AM to 6. Most days, you can talk to our new winemaker – Rob Gill. He is from Simcoe but has had long experience with grape growing and wine-making around the world (Argentina, South Africa, California, Washington, Niagara Peninsula and with us).

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