New Wine Releases: Golden Mead 2012 & Peach Wine 2012

Mead was the first wine made by our ancestors, and it is still wonderful and unique. It is made by fermenting honey dissolved in water. It took us almost a full year to make and release this wine. Last August we started with honey from our friends at Harmony Hives, who keep hives at our farm. The mead fermented very slowly until late February 2013. We thank Kim Flintoff from Rush Creek Winery, and Terry Rayner for their advice in mead making and evaluation. Our starting point was a great article posted at the Amateur Winemakers of Ontarioby mead-maker Peter Bennel.

Our peach wine was approved by LCBO and will be available later this week.

We invite you to visit our open house this weekend, Sat & Sunday 11AM-6PM.

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