Hours & Information

R.R.#4, 1449 Concession 13,

Simcoe, ON. N3Y 4K3

Phone: 519 443 8787

Open Saturdays 3 - 5

Sundays 11 - 5

Fus at the Brantford Farmers' Market Every Fri & Sat

Phone: 519 443 8787

Email: vnefv@brant.net

Find us at the markets:

Brantford (Fridays and Saturdays)

When things return to

normal our regular hours are 

Spring - Weekends

Summer - Thurs - Sun

Fall - Weekends

Daily For Month of December

Located on the eastern edge of beautiful Norfolk County, in an area with sandy knolls and loam soils. Our 100-acre property is bisected by a picturesque ancient river valley and the natural landscape of old pasture, wetlands, undulating slopes and hardwood forest which provides habitat for grassland birds, water fowl, wild turkey and deer. 

Vineyard History

Our vines are the oldest in Norfolk County, plantings started in 1996, and are planted on hill-tops and slopes to provide air and water drainage, and reduce frost injury. We grow vinifera varieties (Riesling, Pinot Noir) and French Hybrids (Vidal, Baco Noir, Marechal Foch). We have 10 acres of vines on site.

Villa Nova Wine

We are a VQA member Winery and produce grape wines and fruit wines. We take pride in offering a range of white and red wines while showcasing the grapes that were used to produce them. We try not to get in the way of our wine, to allow for them to speak the truth of the vintage and the place they were grown.

Saucy Cider

Our Saucy Cider began with our flagship, Hard Apple, since then we've created a variety of flavours such as our Half-Wit, ImPEARed, and Strapple-Barb. We pride ourselves on making a cider that is less than typical, erring more on the dry side than the sweet side, found in most ciders. 


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