Dec 31st 2015 Villa Nova Estate Winery and 2016

First, lets get rid of the business details. We can provide wine & cider for your New Years Eve event, until 6PM. If its dark, pull up to the front door of the winery. We are closed on Jan 1st and reopen for Sat Jan 2nd & Sunday the 3rd. We are closed weekdays in January & February.

Our last 2 winters have been disastrously cold and led to small harvests. So far this winter has been unusually warm. Cold weather seems to setting in now & we hope that the vines can maintain their resistance to cold.

The severe winters have encouraged us to investigate making of apple cider. We have 3 ciders on the shelf right now – ” Hard Apple”, “Strapplebarb” and “Hard and Hopped”. These are all around 6% alcohol and are most comparable to dry English ciders.

We have a variety of red, white and rose wines for your tasting. We plan to produce a mead this winter.

We have our fingers crossed & wish good luck to everyone growing fruit crops in Norfolk County for the 2016 harvest. We need a good one.